how nice to see you…

Posted by annalisa


we’re so glad you could be here with us!  this is about 4 years in the making…welcome to the new official nevereven website!  this site was handcrafted with love (and some mild cursing) by the beautiful and talented annalisa (i’m not biased) and personally, i think it’s pretty badass.  walk around the place and check it out…we don’t mind.

we have so much that we want to share with all of you…we’ve been away for so long.  most importantly, our first show in two years with our newest lineup is on Friday, November 14th at the always beautiful Trash Bar.  we hope to see you there.  new music!  open bar!  throw things at the new guys!

some other brand spanking new stuff to check out:

– updates to our YouTube channel…new videos are up, including every video diary that we’ve made thus far, so subscribe there to experience the latest shenanigans as they happen.

– our brand new Instagram account.  i mean…i don’t know what the hell it is, but all of our fans in bushwick insisted that we get one.  follow us there and watch as we struggle to learn how it works. damn kids and their man-buns and bicycles…

also, our newsletter is active again…simply scroll down on this page and sign up to get updates about our upcoming shows, the latest news and more spam than a monty python sketch.  wait…i mean, no spam.  we promise.

i want to take a minute and thank you for reading this.  for me, this band has been a 14 year adventure with both ecstatic highs and crushing lows.  if you have been there through any of it, i appreciate your support and i promise you that we have no intention of stopping any time soon.  like fine wine, we’ll just keep getting better…until we stop getting better and you’re forced to turn us into salad dressing.